Saturday, January 21, 2006

Minorities in Haider's Carinthia

The enfant terrible of Austrian domestic politics - Joerg Haider - continues his crusade. He is still opposing the execution of the decision of the Austrian Constitutional Court which ordered installment of the bilingual road signs designating the names of towns and villages in Carinthia with more than 10% of inhabitants belongin to Slovenian minority. The judgment of the Constitutional Court, now already the second in a row, was rendered on the basis of the Art. 7 of the Austrian Staatvertrag, i.e. the State Treaty, by which today's Austria came into existence after its infamous role during the WWII.

Why the road signs? It is sad, but true: it was the only constitutional means to make Art. 7 alive: the members of Slovenian minority had to argue that they did not know that they drive through the village (and that they have to slow down accordingly) beacause they could not understand the language in which the name of the village was written.

It is a long story and those that are intereted into it should be referred to the following site

All in all, to conclude we have to allude to one famous professor's succintly put statement: "The democracy of the vile people, will be vile!" That is all what the dispute in Karnten is about.


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