Sunday, January 08, 2006

Welcome to GlobalLawAndPolitics Blog

Today marks the beginning of the work of the GlobaLawandPolitics Blog! The aim of the blog is to respond to the processes of globalization and to spread understanding and knowledge about global law. Therefore the blog strives to promote a greater awareness and understanding of international law, human rights law and european law not only amongst lawyers but also within the general public accross the world. One goal of this blog is to be as inclusive as possible and we warmly welcome the participation of all those with a commitment to the development and study of international law.It is submitted that all actors in international community have a wide responsibility, moral and legal, to use its influence to promote the respect for human rights in respective communities. Their reputation has been increasingly dependent on their response to violation of human rights, in particular the most fundamental human rights, and the defence of such rights. International community has a responsibility to use their influence to try to stop human rights atrocities committed by the government or armed political groups in the countries in which they operate. On this website you will in future find details about the opportunities that exist for active involvement in the work of this blog group.


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