Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reply to Avbelj and Cvijic

In follow-up to exchange between Srdjan Cvijic and myself, my dear friend Matej Avbelj offers a good starting point for discussion about future status of Kosovo. I presented all my main points at this moment in my Reply to Cvijic published on these pages. Many states strongly argue that right to self-determination falls into category of procedural rights, but this argument does not sustain since international human rights law clearly makes the case that peoples who have been subject to human rights atrocities, may exercise their right to self determination if the fulfil other necessary conditions. It is not for any state to decide who may or may not excersize right to self-determination, but decision lies with people in each case. I also join the reasoning of Hajredin Kuci in his article on Kosovo published in Chicago-Kent law review.


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