Monday, April 24, 2006

Editorial policy of Globalawandpolitics

Globalawandpolitics has a policy that the integrity, independence and freedom from bias of Globalawandpolitics must be upheld at all times.

We are committed to publish the facts and in all situations avoid the use of emotive terms. The only exception is when we are quoting someone directly or in indirect speech. We aim to report and commentate objectively actions, identity and background and pay particular attention to all our coverage in extremely sensitive regions.

We do not take sides and attempt to reflect in our stories of our posts. We are not in the business of glorifying one side or another or of disseminating propaganda.

The contents of this section are going to make us unpopular with some blog "true-believers" who look at blogs. But that is their problem -- and their issue. We have to follow our principles, even if we are using a different means of communication. We have to misquote one of Milos Forman's movies -- if you do not like Globalawandpolitics then do not read it and go yawn somewhere else.. But if you do, or if you have constructive suggestions about topics or thoughts about posted then we would love to hear from you. This blog was created on initiaive of the members of this blog and not anybody elses, and editorial policy is our to form. And also no public fund from any country on this planet is shareholder in our blog.

We receive many e-mails each week and it is not possible to send reply. But we do welcome views submitted by email or snail mail on how we could improve our postings and our blog.


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