Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Israeli-Palestinian saga

"We are prepared to compromise, give up parts of our beloved land of Israel, remove, painfully, Jews who live there, to allow you the conditions to achieve your hopes"

Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert, addressing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after leading his centrist Kadima Party to victory in last week's Israeli elections.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger Luka Lisjak said...

I think the greatest risk for Palestinians is in fact not that Israel continues the occupation, but that withdraws according to its own terms and conditions. If Israel was to lose its patience and decided to settle the issue alone, that would be a catastrophe for the Palestinians. And that's exactely what may happen if Hamas continues on its stubborn position. Israel may draw the final border according to its own desires, completely withdraw from other uninteresting territories and seal them up completely (the Wall actually turned out to be succesful), letting the Palestinians to litterary suffocate in a country with no economy nor resurses of any kind. I think Abbas is the only one aware that this scenario would be the most disastrous of all.


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