Monday, April 24, 2006

"Let's Fu..." - NOT ON THIS BLOG!

It has been noticed that the decision to block the primitive, deplorable, humiliating comments on a personal basis, as opposed to argument-based comments, from this blog has annoyed their dispatchers to such a degree that they are spreading their anger elsewhere.

Something should be, however, clear: Global Law and Politics is devoted to harsh, but always decent discussions. We are here to criticize and to be criticized, but not on a personal basis, but on the level of arguments and compelling reasons. We are devoted to liberal values, to a free speech and freedom of conscience. However, SINCE THIS IS OUR BLOG, we define the terms. No, primitivism, no humiliation, nothing below the threshold of minimum decency should be posted on our blog. In a liberal democratic society everyone can decide not to engage into discussions with those who do not concede to the very kern of what a discussion is. And that is the respect for the interlocotur.

WWW provides ample space for those who fail to meet these minimum standards of decency, as the angry and bad-tempered dispatchers know that very well. However, Global Law and Politics provides none. And rightly so.


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