Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The New Political and Economic Agenda for Italy?

This weekend Italian voters are going to decide the political and economic fate of their country for the following few years. The battle between the left and the right coalition has been going on for months, reaching its peak in the final weeks before the elections. The two camps are extremely colorful. The center-left, led by Mr. Prodi, ranges from the extreme left, to communists (whose icon is a travestite Vladimir Luxuria) to Christian parties, whereas the center-right, led by Mr. Berlusconi, starts with the latter and finishes with the obscure, yet almost fully-fledged (ex-)fascist parties.

The entire political campaign has been very much driven by the traditional binary discourse blaming one side of being communist and the other being fascist. Alessandra Mussolini certainly occupies the infamous 1st place as the controversial statements are considered. In her view, it is better to be a fascist than a homosexual.

In the very last days, the campaign has moved from idelogical propaganda to substantive economic debates - the tax policy being in the foreground. It has been said that Mr. Berlusconi came up with his last trump-card by promising the abandonment of a portion of property tax.

This might still shatter the polls and the final result is still contingent and unclear. Prodi's coallition has continuously been in the lead by a margin of a few percent, whereas Berlusconi has not given up yet. There are still many voters who have not made their decisions yet, and many of those, according to my interlocoturs, could go to Berlusconi. In a way, Prodi is in a weaker position, because he does not have his own political party, as Berlusconi does, rather he just sits on the top of the pre-elections coalition.

Hence, we will need to wait till Sunday for the final outcome. Whoever will win, will need to face the country, which has been a sleeping beauty in the Mediterranian since 1960s, caught in stagnation, facing big demographic problems and all the related problems of the modern times - insecurity, poverty, racism...

Dunque, bona fortuna amici Italiani - votate bene per vostro paese e per suo futuro. Noi siamo aspetando.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Luka Lisjak said...

Actually, the only one who is flaming the debate and turning into an ideological issue is Berlusconi; the centre-left, as well as the other right-wing parties are trying to focus on issues, while Berlusconi has completely lost his compass. I actually hate Prodi with all my guts, but if I were Italian, I'd vote for his odd ChristianDemocrat-PostCommunist-Libartarian coalition just to get rid of Berlusconi. Not because of his agenda, but because of the fact that there isn't one. He failed to carry out anything he promessed in 2001. Now I hope he'll lose like a dog, leaving the door open for the rise of a decent liberal-conservative political option in Italy.


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