Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday afternoon in Slovenia

Saturday supplement of Leading Slovenian Newspaper Delo (Work):

Marko Pecauer (Mr. 800.496,64 SIT): "Nevertheless, it is a fact that Slovenia drifts towards a totalitarian state. This is not a defamation or an insult"

It is not for Mr Pecauer to say that is not a defamation or an insult what he wrote in his previous sentence. If he claims that Slovenia is a totalitarian state, he has to prove that his statement is true at least by giving some examples.

Neutral observer can simply write down that is more like that any newspaper, which calls itself Work and publishes that kind of articles has totalitarian approach to journalism and longs after the years where journalists did not anlyzise or research news and they published everything what their Masters told them. And this only for the sake of living misarable working life, going for holidays to neigboring Croatia, and maybe every fourth year getting a chance to report from Olympic games.