Monday, April 24, 2006

Taking Criminal Justice Seriously - Crimes against humanity after Second World War in Slovenia

On 21 April 2006 Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia eventually filed an indightement before the District Court in Ljubljana against Mr Mitja Ribicic for the crimes against humanity committed on the territory of Slovenia just after Second World War. Mr Ribicic is a former deputy of Secret police during totalitarian Communist regime. This indightment marks a symoblic step in bringing prepetrators of henious crimes and blatant human rights violations on the Slovene territory to justice. Mr Ribicic is said to be in a good health and ready to face the trial. One needs to wait and see if criminal proceeding against Mr Ribicic will ever begin. Some of you remember Mr Pinochet who faked his medical condition in order to escape extradition to Spain and now six years after the event in London still enjoy the freedom in Santiago. In Slovene case there have been many speculations throughout the years whether the defendant will try to contemplate this option as well. The forthcoming month will bring answer to those speculations.

In the following section we reproduce a small passage from one our previous posts.

Slovenia is a small, beautiful and picturesque country, where one can ski in the morning and surrender oneself to the luxury of the Adriatic Sea in the evening. There are many lakes, steep mountains, woods and forests in Slovenia - covering more than sixty per cent of the country. But it is deep in those woods and forests where the darkest side of Slovene history lies. In the months following the of Second World War the Slovene Communists brutally massacred twenty thousands of fellow Slovenes, who chose not to join Resistance movement led by Slovene Communist Party, and over two hundred thousand of Croats and Serbs. Their remains are spread all over Slovene hills and valleys, so far more than four hundred sites, where slaughters took place, were found. Perpetrators, who ordered and controlled those heinous crimes against humanity, still roam freely on Slovene streets. Others who were indirectly involved are nowadays denying any knowledge of crimes ever being committed or they attempt to justify them as just another aspect of victor’s justice. When one addresses the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Slovenia, impunity is still the norm.

To be continued in next weeks and months..


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