Friday, May 05, 2006


Slovenian Student Association has crossed the Rubicon. They have announced another protest on the eve of the ex-socialist Day of Youth. Not just students, but also high-school pupils and their PARENTS are to be invited, presumably again escorted by the biggest Slovenian Trade Union.

The lesson is: if you can not exact from the government the impossible, go to the streets and you'll get it there. Following this logics every social group, whenever dissatisfied, should go to the streets and protest, even if against the bad weather.

The student life in Slovenia, and especially of those self-proclaimed leaders of a Student organization with a highly dubious pedigree, is uncomparably luxurious in comparison to anything else I've seen around Europe and in the United States where I studied. N0body anywhere is eating 30% priced food in the posh restaurants subsidized by the state, nobody is working instead of studying, and nobody has a free public transport...

Excursus: Graduate Education is not the Right it is the Opportunity -- that the State encourages for the well-being of the society. But everything has its limits. Even stupidity as the time will show.

These demands really sound like a joke, a bad one though. But the best is the aggrieved claim: due to the new tax 150.000 students and high-school pupils will remain unemployed, i.e. without job. I really did not know that all those guys were actually employed- who the f... is studying then? It seems that we have again 150% rate of employment in Slovenia.... No wonder there is never a single free parking spot in the faculty-neighborhoods in Ljubljana. Btw: the State should also pay for the gas to the poor students who are otherwise not able to attend the lectures... That they in any case don't.

The clearly politically affiliated leader of the Slovenian Student Association should stop vasting the student money, paid by the state by the way, for his political projects. In modern democracies the politics is not done or imposed in the streets, but in the parliament. He should go and stand for elections if he likes as any other citizen, yet not backed up by the state money... But above all, at his age many would be ashamed to be an under-grad student...

I suggest: Return to the books and stop using the taxpayers money for street-parties.


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