Monday, May 01, 2006

Slovenia Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of EU Membership

In these days Slovenia celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the membership in the European Union. The membership has brought many positive changes; above all the change in the public discourse. Especially among the young people old ideological Kultur-kampf is not taking roots, despite its great support in the media and by some opposition figures. However, Slovenia has not yet burried all of its dead siblings from the WWII since the ideological stands are still too strong. And this undermines the country in a civilizational sense.

Nevertheless, the future seems to be promissing. Slovenia is going to adopt Euro with 1st of January 2007, it is going to preside the Union in 2008 and the domestic economy reforms in pursuance of Lisabon strategy are envisaged to be implemented in the same years.

What Slovenia would deserve most, however, is the opening of the intellectual and public domain, fresh winds, demise of arrogant and ideological parlance and ever-repeating Kultur-kampf. The country needs optimism, the life has to be, literally, infused into it - since the birth-rate has been in a persistent decline for more than 25 years now. It is easy: it is all about the perception and the image Slovenian reality would have in people's eyes - if we shared a feeling of mutual co-operation full of incentives for a better tomorrow instead of fights over the ideological picture of the past; if we got rid of proverbial envy, provincialism and of self-destructive attitude we would flourish.

Slovenia would not be just "a diversity to explore", a magnificent country with white mountains, blue sea and the green plains where our eyes can rest, it would be also an intellectual oasis where our hearts and minds would thrive. Non vedo l'ora...


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Jernej Letnar said...

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At 12:28 PM, Blogger Jernej Letnar said...

Thank you to Matej for this post. It has been two years since Slovenia joined the exlusive European Union, however it feels longer than only two years. Mainly due to years Slovenia spent in waiting rooom awaiting final call to board the plane. The accession of Slovenia and other CEE countries was on this day two years ago celebrated all over Europe and I remember how good it felt seeing her (Slovenia) flag blowing in the wind on the main square in Lund.

As Matej put it, our country needs optimism, but also broadmindness which would lift her up fro mthe provincialism. It is just a question of time how soon this will happen. But with more young Slovenes going abroad to study or work, and foreigners coming to Slovenia, this will happen by itself.

The aim of Slovenia needs to be to follow the example of Nordic countries, which are widely recognised in international community as good samartians. For that to happen, the Slovene economy has to come up with innovative ideas and business plans, which will be competative on world stage. Vi ska ser om det ska haenda i framtiden...


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