Thursday, June 22, 2006

Slovenia's 15th Anniversary of Independence

This weekend Slovenian cities, above all the capital Ljubljana, will be wrapped into joyfull colors. Slovenia is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its independence won from Yugoslavia on the 25th of June 1991.

In many ways Slovenia in which we presently live is an utterly enjoyable place, with a great quality of life, green and unspoiled environment... For a visitor Slovenia is a marble bellow the Alps.

However, there is another darker side to it. As a legacy of the totalitarian regime and as a legacy of ever lacking genuine liberalism, Slovenia is a close-minded place, with monopolies ranging from all sides particularly hindering the development and welfare of its young generations.

It is the latter problem that Slovenia and its stakeholders will need to face and tackle seriously in order to make our Homeland a real flurishing place in all terms: social, intellectual and personal...

Long live Slovenia!


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